Winter Run19'

As a picker / writer in the " Country Western / Americana Music Scene " .... TX/OK etc.... you always dream of playing the Steamboat Music Festival.

This aint that story... well 'sorta.

I reached out to our sponsor, Rebecca Creek Whiskey, and inquired about any ways of being involved with the festival. Anything. From stage hand / opening sets or whatever.

I then shortly got an email back from them informing me that they would be having some " non official " MusicFest showcases on location at the festival and I would have an opportunity to play a few sets there.

I knew that this was going to be the " Exposure " gigs worth playing. So I hit up a few venues along the way and hit up a buddy of mine ( Logun Timberlake) and we set off on our Honky Tonk Maiden Voyage. We started off in Dallas for our last show of 2018 at the legendary, Poor David's Pub. Immediately we broke down after we played PDP and drove through the night on into Amarillo. Well .... basically Amarillo. Which smells a lot like Rodeo, by the way. Then we napped for about and hour. Had some coffee & biscuits then, hit the road.

We made it to Lake Vallecito, CO. with our minds and limbs all intact. We were greeted with over 30 inches of snow and below ZERO temperatures. I wouldn't have had it any other way. I got to see how a small town ( think Canyon Lake, Texas ... but in the Mountains ) remind me what community is all about. It was a blast to return there and play my favorite Honky Tonk in all of Colorado, " The Rusty Shovel ". We were lucky enough to meet this wonder family from Boston ... The Bourque's are COUNTRY AF through and through. Lisa takes her Malamute dog-sledding around a frozen lake in the middle of Mountain Lion country and her husband Goeff can swing a Yukon in 3 ft of snow better than most folks from Texas, do in a South-Texas flood. Also he is the sibling of 2x Stanley Cup champion ( as a player ... ) PITTSBURG PENGUINS Phil Bourque. Tons of laughs were shared, drinks were had and memories were made.

I joined artists like Jon Young / Jason Allen / AJ Vallejo / Kenna Danielle / Clay Hollis / Jon Stork / Bonnie Lang / Sarah Hobbs and so many other great up and coming and established artists cutting our teeth in the scene. For 5 days in Steamboat we played various showcases and song-swaps.

The best part was the After-parties. Picking music with some of your friends / new friends and fans was magical... If you made it there... sometimes them " Creek neats " will put you to " creek sleep " hahaha, so look out for that.

First Team / All State / All 'Murican / All Pro Music ambassador ERIC MIDDLETON, of Midnight River Choir, opened up their condo to us and certainly went above and beyond the call of duty and showed us a hell of a time. SPECIAL THANK YOU TO ALL OF MIDNIGHT RIVER CHOIR.

Here's a video that gives you a glimpse into what we did to kick of 2019. Cheers.

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