First Blog

First blog here folks. What I wanted to focus on in this particular introductory

blog is introduce myself and fill you in on what's shaking over here in the

Bullard Music Camp. If you're reading this, than you by now are well aware of

my name. What you don't know is that I was born on November 19th, 1990, at

Baton Rouge Hospital for Women. My Pop's caught a gig at South Texas

Nuclear Project in, Matagorda, TX. So we relocated obviously because that is a hell of a

commute. Born a CAJUN, Raised a TEXAN. Scary combo here, folks.

My family has a musical background. My mother was born and raised in

Florence / Mussel Shoals, AL. She has a history in the famous Mussel Shoals

recording scene and was in a successful touring group " PUNCH " for many

years. My cousin Daryll, married to my mothers niece.  Darryl, played on the Ronnie Milsap record, " True Believer ".

My Father played in a local group in Bay City, TX.  They were named the " Western Express.  I recently found an old tape of their band " Live at the Wharton Co. VFW 1995 ".

I was 5 years old with a mullet and red Justin boots in tow.  As you can see, Its a " Family Tradition ". 

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