Chasing Numbers

Sup ya'll. Here's a little diddy about getting caught up in chasing numbers. In my mind, I realized I carried a lot of worry in shit that I could not control. In this industry it is a journey of tremendous peaks and valleys. The absolute highest of high's and lowest of lows.

I found myself questioning everything I had been working hard for, lately because I wasn't charting on TRR .( granted I haven't spent a DIME in RADIO PROMO ) so not only there but I wasn't doing much to grow my social media reach outside of just the occasional funny meme or show announcement. I was really getting in my own head over video likes / views / shares / nice comments ( lol ). But in reality those are all things that just help you feel some self-affirmation or like a pat on the back.

Although those things are nice, they in the spirit of songwriting and being an artist they really don't matter. You should express yourself because without doing so you'd be lost or miserable. Those things really don't matter unless you're trying to make a living off this shit, in which case.. PLEASE LIKE SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE / DOWNLOAD all my music and demand your local stations to play my music.

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